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GoGetty is the only employer branding, career and diversity platform that makes Diversity and Inclusion, D&I, measurable and transparent.

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Denmark is falling far behind its Nordic neighbours (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland) when it comes to diversity and equality - in top management, in particular. In fact Denmark is currently number 19 in the most recent Global Gender Gap report from World Economic Forum (2016) - a drop from the 14th position, as compared to the previous report
Danish Talents have difficulties accessing diversity numbers and strategies of Danish organizations, that are hidden somewhere on companies’ websites and yearly reports
Denmark is experiencing a talent gap of skillful, educated employees. Many companies in Denmark are responding to this pressure by building and implementing strategies on how to include diverse talent in their organization and how to reap the benefits of diverse teams & leaders.
1,000 of the largest Danish Companies are bound by law on the ratio between men and women on Companies’ boards of directors
The law requires a ratio of 40% female to 60% male board members (or opposite in rare exceptions of primarily female dominated industries)

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