GoGetty is the only employer branding and diversity platform that makes diversity numbers and inclusion strategies measurable and transparent. Our goal is to bring innovative companies and diverse talents together.

In its core, GoGetty is based on a diversity score, given to each featured Company. The GoGetty diversity score represents the average percentage of women in top management levels of their organization - as it is today, as well as where it will be in the future, according to company's’ own plans. It is based on the actual ratio between men and women, as well as diversity goals, on the following top management levels:

An ideal GoGetty diversity score equals 50%. A GoGetty diversity score of e.g. 30% means that 30% of the above three top management positions are held and/or are planned to be held by women. Hence the more ambitious goals the higher the score.

Besides the actual diversity numbers, Companies are also invited to share information on how they aim to reach their ambitious goals, as well as their current diversity & inclusion policies.

Why do we put all the focus on gender diversity in top management? Well, in Denmark, a country known for its equality in general, we do enjoy many privileges, that women in other countries still need to fight for.

As the most recent Global Gender Gap report from World Economic Forum (2016) however shows, Denmark is falling far behind its Nordic neighbours (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland) when it comes to diversity and equality - in top management, in particular!

We believe also that diversity in all management levels is utilizing all available talents to the fullest. As Warren Buffet, one of the richest and most successful investors, once put it - one of the reasons for his great success was that he was competing with only half of the population.

You could ask yourself - why the Danish society should invest its hard earned tax money, incl. your money, to educate women, who, by the way, are now better educated in Denmark than their male counterparts, only to lose this talent mass along the way?

GoGetty is also the only one-stop diversity platform and community where career minded, ambitious and skilled women and men in Denmark, can easily find companies they want to identify themselves with, and work for. A go-getter is an ambitious individual who works hard to successfully reach their goals. GoGetty is hance an online platform, where go-getters can realise their potential, together with companies in need of their talent and experience.

Use GoGetty to actively brand yourself as a Company and as a Talent.

GoGetty is a Danish start-up, run by its female founder and CEO, and her dedicated team. We aim to become the go-to diversity platform not only in Denmark, but globally. Diverse talents and companies, all around the world, need each other to grow and succeed.