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GoGetty is the only employer branding, career and diversity platform that makes Diversity and Inclusion, D&I, measurable and transparent.

We bring innovative companies, diverse talents and D&I partners together.

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Share your company’s diversity facts
GoGetty makes gender and soon also other diversity parameters in Top Management in Denmark visible and hence measurable.
Be 100% transparent on your diversity journey
Benchmark your gender statistics
Compare and benchmark your diversity numbers with other companies in Denmark.
Find out where you stand, learn from the best and continue to improve.
Take informed decisions
GoGetty enables ambitious and highly qualified women, and other diverse talents, as well as companies to find each other.
Use your diversity facts as part of your Company’s employer brand.
Grow your revenue
Fully reap the benefits of a diverse workforce and tap into a rich pool of diverse talents.
Attract and retain them!

Why Diversity in Top Management Matters

  • Companies with the highest diversity in Top Management enjoy 12,6% higher profits (*)
  • Diverse management teams equal significantly higher innovation and more customer oriented organizations
  • Gender equality means more perspectives and a fuller understanding of global diverse market segments and your customer
  • Diverse organisations have much better chances of solving complex problems and succeed with new ideas in an increasingly more competitive world

(*) In Danish only: ISS & proacteur, "Mangfoldig ledelse giver højere indtjening"

How GoGetty can help your Company excel through diversity

Make your diversity initiatives work for you
Attract and retain new, diverse talents
Grow your talent and management pipeline
Benchmark your company and learn from the best
Improve your competitive edge in a global world
Increase your understanding of your customer, their business and culture

How GoGetty Works for you as a Company

Register you and your company
Choose Diverse Business subscription plan
Update your company profile, by adding diversity and inclusion data about your organisation
Benchmark and compare with other companies in Denmark
Build an employer brand that helps you attract diverse Talents