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Keep your company’s current Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) KPI’s up to date

  • Ratio of women/men on the Board of Directors
  • Ratio of women/men on CxO level
  • Ratio of women/men on VP/General Manager level
(your Company’s current D&I KPI’s are part of your Company’s Diversity Score)
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Measure and compare your Diversity & Inclusion
Give Talents a quick overview of how Diverse your Company’s Top Management is. Update your Company Profile with Diversity Status Facts.

Attract talents
Attract Talents
The better your Diversity Score the more Talents will follow your Company. They will see your Company as progressive and modern; hence a perfect place to work.

Show your diversity
Show your Diversity Ambitions
Let Talents know that you will work with Diversity also in the future. Update your Company Profile with Diversity Goals.
Update Goals for your Diversity & Inclusion KPI’s for the next 12 months
Post Updates related to Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in your Company
Share your Company’s Diversity & Inclusion friendly policies:

  • Parenthood (paternity/maternity leave)
  • General work-life balance
  • Equal pay
  • Upgrading qualifications after returning from parental leave
  • Child sick day
  • Other
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